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The Bedside Holster for your protection

The Bedside holster is a new patent pending adjustable leather holster for personal and home protection.

Designed for gun, pistol, taser, stungun, pepper spray, mace, cell phone and TV remote. Ready to use in an instant. The solution for self defense. The Bedside holster?   Because everyone needs self defense.

Created with two adjustable straps to secure your device, and a non-slip flexible belt that you place between the mattresses where ever you like.


We have designed The Bedside holster for your self defense, to be used with mace, pepper spray, stunguns, Tasers, or pistols. It is your personal, bedside protection holster for self defense.

I once heard a story about a woman who had an intruder enter her home one night as she lay sleeping in her bed. She woke up to the sound of someone entering her room. She had no self defense. Before she could realize what was going on a man had control of her and forever changed her life. If she could have somehow been able to reach her personal protection, mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistol, that was (less then three feet away) inside the drawer of the nightstand beside her bed, maybe this horrible nightmare could have been stopped or prevented all together. This is a story that stuck in my mind. I wanted to do something that would help prevent this from ever happening again to anyone else. So I created the "Bedside Holster".


We hope that you will never encounter a situation as described above. But unfortunately we do not live in a world without crime. With a Bedside holster you will feel more secure knowing your personal protection mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistol will be handy, in case you ever need it! I used to work the night shift leaving my wife and children home alone, and still have to go out of town sometimes overnight. Now that my wife has a Bedside-holster we don't have to worry anymore.

Whether you choose a can of mace, pepper spray, high voltage stungun, Tasers, or pistol, you can now have it in a handy location where you can reach it, if you ever need it. It's great for self defense. Note: We would like to suggest that you never leave a personal protection mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistol unattended when children are present. Always keep it in a safe place.

Designing the Bedside-Holster was not as easy as I Thought! I started designing "The Bedside holster" in the year 2000 in my spare time. During my trials I found that buckles would stick out and catch on things, plus the holes were never in the right spot. I tried using laces but they took to long to adjust, and it would never stay where I put it, and so on. After I worked through all the obstacles I finally created a Bedside holster that's easy to use and works great! Plus! It looks good and is affordable to buy and just what you need for self defense.


Use it For pepper spray, stunguns, mace, Tasers, or pistols. We hope you never encounter a situation that requires the need for personal protection mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistols. But if You Do, You Can Now Have Your personal protection mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistol in a Handy Location Where You Can Reach it in a Instant. You need self defense. Slip it in Between the Mattresses Where Ever You Like And it's Ready to Use! Satisfaction Guaranteed If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it for a refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Please Note: If you have Children may we recommend that you position your Bedside-holster"out of site" at the head of the bed. Never leave a personal protection mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistol unattended. Always keep them in a Safe Place when not in use. Easy to Order Click on the PayPal logo below to Order Your Bedside- holster Today over a secure connection online! Or if you prefer send us an e-mail and we will be happy to send you a Printable Order Form that you can send by postal along with your method of purchase. Your solution for self defense.

It's adjustable! So you can use it with your choice of personal protection mace, gun, pepper spray, stungun or pistols.
                    It's Flexible. Use it on either side or at the head of your bed. Best of all , it's Guaranteed!

You'll feel safe and secure. Plus. You'll sleep better too! One of our customers ordered an extra Bedside holster for his TV remote! Customized orders are always welcome to satisfy your special needs! The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers.
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The Bedside Holster

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