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The Bedside Holster

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The Bedside Holster

 Home Burglaries And Personal Crimes Are On The Rise.
 They Often Happen at Night !!! 
For Home Security and Family Protection
The Adjustable Bedside Holster
is The Right Choice
The Bedside Holster
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I Never Go To Bed Without It. Neither Should YOU!
The Bedside Holster is Adjustable!
You Can Use It with Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Mace, Shocking Devices, Cell Phones, Pagers, Flashlights, or Any Size Pistol
ONLY $19.95
 Special Offer 
Order two or more at a time and receive
FREE shipping and handling inside the USA
On Line Orders are usually shipped the very next day!
The Right Time to Care and Prepare
is BEFORE You Become a Victim
of Violent Crimes
We Hope YOU Never Encounter a Situation That Requires The Use of a Personal Protection Device. However
The Bedside Holster will Provide You With  
The Protection of Your Choice if You Ever Need it! 
Simply put your device in the Bedside Holster. Then adjust for a good fit.        Place the "no slip" strap between your mattresses where ever you like.            It's ready to use!
 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
If for any reason you are not happy with your
purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a refund
ONLY $19.95
 100% Lifetime Warranty 
The Bedside Holster is a Product
You Can Depend On
If the quality of materials used or the craftmanship preformed in making the Bedside Holster ever fail under normal use simply send it back and we will correct the problem or replace it as necessary for as long as you own it.

 Easy to Order 
Click on "Buy Now" to order your Bedside Holster over a secure connection on line today! 
Click on "Order Form" to the left in the navigation bar and print the web page provided, fill in the information requested and send by postal service along with your method of purchase.
All Bedside Holsters are shipped as right handed holsters. Left handed holsters are availible upon request at NO extra charge!
 Please Note:   If you have Children may we recommend that you position Your Bedside Holster  "out of site"  at the head of the bed. Never leave a Personal Protection Device unattended. Always keep them in a safe place when not in use.
Proud Member of the NRA
We All Have the Right to
 Protect Ourselves
And Our Property.
We All Have an Obligation to
 Protect Our Loved Ones.
Email us with your comments
 we value your opinion 

DOUBLE "R" LEATHER * 310 Mountain View Drive * Fernwood, Idaho USA 83830