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The Bedside Holster


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Why The Bedside Holster?

 Everyone Needs Personal Protection!

I personally can not tell you what it truly is like to have an intruder(s) enter my home uninvited with the intention of hurting my family. I have not been a victim of a violent crime. A friend of mine might have been able to tell us what it was like if she had not been SHOT in the head one night and killed by an intruder(s). Then she was robbed of her valuable possessions. It was soon after that I created the "original" adjustable Bedside Holster.   

The right time to care about personal security is before YOU become a victim of a violent crime. 

I used to work the night shift leaving my wife and children home alone. I still have to go out of town sometimes overnight. Now that my wife has a Bedside Holster we both feel a lot better.

Here at Double "R" Leather we hope you will never encounter the need for a personal protection device. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world without crime. With a Bedside Holster you will be secure having your personal protection device in a handy location and ready to use if you ever need it!

Individual Uses

Whether you choose a Cell Phone or Pager to call for help, a can of Mace, Pepper Spray, High Voltage Stun Gun, or Pistol. You can now have it in a handy location so you can use it in a instant!

Note: We would like to suggest that you never leave a Personal Protection Device unattended. Always keep it in a safe place. I personally have my Bedside Holster located at the head of my bed between the mattress and wall (out of site) when ever children are around.

Not as Easy as I Thought
I started designing "The Bedside Holster" in the year 2000 in my spare time. During my trials I found that buckles would stick out and catch on the bed covers, plus the holes were never in the right spot. I tried using laces but they took to much time to adjust, and at first it would never stay where I put it. After I worked through all the obstacles I finally created an Adjustable Bedside Holster that's easy to use, dependable and affordable to own! The Bedside Holster is being used and recommended by Law Enforcement Personal, Single Moms and responsible Family Fathers.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide the highest quality product by using the best available materials with the most reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy using our product as much as we enjoy providing it for you.
Personal Protection, that's our Business.
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Double "R" Leather * 310 Mountain View Drive * Fernwood, Idaho USA 83830