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The Bedside Holster

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Pictures & Information
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"The Bedside Holster"
It Makes the Perfect Gift for that Special
Someone who has everything!
*Made from Top Quality Leather*
*It's Adjustable and Easy to Use*
 ONLY $19.95
Order two or more at a time and Receive
FREE shipping and handling inside the USA
Everyone Needs Personal Protection

Shown With Favorite Blade

Shown With Pepper Spray

Shown With Personal Cell Phone

Ready For Shipping
Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's Adjustable!  So you can use it with your favorite personal protection devices!
It's Flexible!  Use it on either side or at the head of your bed!
Guaranteed!  You'll feel safe and secure. Plus! You'll sleep better too!

The Bedside Holster
Adjustable Bedside Holster
The Velcro Strap Will Keep it Where You Put it

Think About It!
Would you enter my home uninvited at night,
now that you know I have a Bedside Holster?

The Bedside Holster
Adjustable Bedside Holster
Created With a Flexible Velcro Strap

The Bedside Holster is designed to use with Cell Phones, Mace, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Shocking Devices, or Pistols
It's Adjustable to hold your device and has a "no-slip flexible strap" that you can place between the mattresses where ever you like
One of our customers ordered an extra Bedside Holster for his TV remote!
Customized orders are always welcome to satisfy your special needs!

DOUBLE "R" LEATHER * 310 Mountain View Drive * Fernwood, Idaho USA 83830