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The Bedside Holster


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From North Idaho:

The first time I heard about the Bedside Holster I was amazed. Richard told me about the new holster he had designed. I shared his idea with my wife and she was skeptical to say the least. She had envisioned the Bedside Holster to be a large unsightly thing protruding from the side of the bed. I asked Richard if he could bring one in for me to look at, so he did. I took one look at it and ordered one. My wife had to be out of town for a few days. During that time I received my Bedside Holster. I placed the strap between the mattresses and inserted several different handguns into it. I was amazed how easy it was to use and how well it worked. The holster fit snug against the bed and was totally hidden by the spread and comforter. I could hardly wait to show my wife. After seeing it for her self she found it to be inconspicuous and it has not caused her any problems, even when she makes the bed. ----JIMMY D GUNS----


From Portland, Oregon:

My Bedside Holster is wonderful! It works great and adjusted to fit my pistol just right. Thanks, ---Larry---


 From Spokane, Washington

I received my Bedside Bolster as a gift about two months ago from my wife. I was very suprised when I saw it! I use it every night and it works great. I have shown it to some of my friends and they were also very impressed. Sincerely, ---Mike---


From Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

I love it! It makes me feel safe and secure. I like having my pistol so handy. I used to have it under my pillow at night and would worry about knocking it off the bed while I slept.  ---Yvonne---


From Anchorage, Alaska

I like it! ---John---


From Billings, Montana

My wife and I both, like our Bedside Holsters very much. We received them within a week of placing our order. The quality of the leather is very nice and your service is very professional. Thank you, ---Ron and Julie---


From Fresno, California

I like my holster very much. There is a lot of crime around here where I live. Now I sleep better at night because my self defense weapon is so handy. ---Jennifer---


From Martin, Tennessee

My bedside holster arrived yesterday, and my husband had it "installed" before I got home from work. Let me say that it works great!  I've been searching for a holster that would accommodate my pistol with a tac light. Yours is the only one I've found.  I really like the way it works. Thanks again for a wonderful product!---Randi---


From Spokane, Washington 

A couple of mattress/bed holsters have hit the market recently and it was difficult to decide which to go with.  I decided on the "The Bedside Holster" because in my experience with a product like this simple is better.  When the holster arrived I took it out of the package, slipped the velcro strip between the mattress and boxspring and my S&W L frame fit the holster like it was made for it.  30 seconds from box to bedside.  Excellent product at a great price so don't worry, just get one.  ---Steve---


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